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Outdoor wall art in Dallas

  Over the years I have painted murals for many companies both small and large. I now focus on entrepreneurs and small businesses. I recommend you contact me a month or two before you need the work done so I can get you on the calendar.

  For a quick price quote, e-mail me a picture of the wall and a description or a picture of what you want painted and i can give you a good idea of what the cost will be. There are a couple of approaches to cost. Some clients contact us and say, “We have ‘$X’ to spend. What can we get for that?” and other clients will say, “We want ‘X’. How much will it cost?” We can work with either approach, however, it’s very important for you to have at least a “ballpark figure” of how much you have or can get for a budget.
  If you would like me to design the mural for you and provide mock-ups, there is a separate design fee for that service.

  You may have seen my hand painted murals in the Pier 1 and the J.C. Penny catalogs as well as restaurants, apartment complexes and business in the Dallas, Fort Worth area as well as Austin and Oklahoma. Keep in mind that you may have to compete for scheduling with our other clients so call early and schedule soon!
  From large-scale outdoor murals to small day jobs - Please call or e-mail to setup a free consultation. I would love to discuss your project.

Dwyane Wade MuralDwyane Wade with his Mural : Holloween Mural painting for the Pier One "Halloween" catalog
 : Mural for Olla Podrida Painted in 1993 : Outdoor mural for apartments : landscape Mural for the Pier 1 catalog : Beatles mural
 : Mural for La Condessa , a restaurant at the South entrance to Victory Park American Airlines Stadium.Car mural : Mural: Magnetic posting area for community bulletin boardmagnetic mural
 : Martial Arts school mural : Magnetic bulletin board mural  in the Lobby of the South Side on Lamar Apartments.Dr. Steel Childrens dental officeDr. Steel Childrens dental office
Dr. Steel Childrens dental officeaustin apartment murals"Flippin Out" RestaurantFirewheel dentistry for kids
dallas apartment muralsdallas apartment muraldallas apartment muralDental office mural dallas
Apartment mural Austin
outdoor water muralplayground mural Arligtonplayground mural Arlingtonplayground mural
apartment mural dallas
concrete wall mural : Mural for dog walk area at Alexan Arts apartments : Mural for dog walk area at Alexan Arts apartments : Mural for dog walk area at Alexan Arts apartments
 : mural for Mexican restaurant
manor apartment muraldolphin swim painted mural
Metropolitan tree mural
link apartments muralpuzzle muraldaycare puzzle mural
verge apartments mural