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Childrens  Murals
Please e-mail for a Free Consultation.

   Bring art into your Boy's & Girl's Room.  Childrens rooms are a favorite of mine. I can help you design a room your children will actually want to sleep in! 
  Residential Mural prices start at $500 - $1,200 for the main scene on one wall and can be $1,400. or more for the entire room. The costs for the mural can double or triple for realistic or highly detailed murals such as figures, portraits, forests, underwater scenes or jungles. For a quick price quote, e-mail me a picture of the wall and a rough idea of what you want painted and i can give you a good idea of what the cost will be or you can call me and we can schedule a consultation.

  Most of the designs you see here are one of a kind and I enjoy collaborating to create custom murals.  Please E-mail a month or so before you need the l done so I can get you on the calendar.  Together we can create a space your family will talk about for years to come. 


underwater ocean muralRibbon muralstripes muralvines mural
giraffe muralLog cabin muralpainted initials painted name
girl's tree muraldaisy muralelephant muralanimals mural
night sky muralspace shuttle mural
Car Muraldog mural
green tree mural
batman muralspiderman mural
cowboy muralcowboy camp muralprinncess mural
fashion muralStencil border on one wall
 : Mural for the Bombay Kids Catalogharlequin muraldinosaur mural
surf muralmap muralmagnetic map muralplane mural
dragon muralhot rod muralkids basketball court mural
baseball muralbasketball muralbaseball mural
motorcycle muralflowers muralwild west muralfarm mural
sports mural
castle wall mural
stone window mural
tree muralsurf muralwall design
logo barman muralwild things muraltwins mural faux parchment
t-rex mural
children's safari muralsafari muralpuzzle wall mural